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With the Southeast Asia digital economy projected to reach $363 Billion by 2025, digital transformation is driving unprecedented enterprise adoption of hyperscale clouds. As a response to the explosion in demand for cloud services and hybrid solutions, NeutraDC, one of the world’s leading digital ecosystem enablers, is accelerating its hyperscale data centre growth with the establishment of our new data centre in Jakarta (Cikarang).

NeutraDC enables your business to move fast and pivot quickly when customers and markets change. Providing you direct access to the biggest and fastest-growing digital economy in SEA, NeutraDC is your gateway to Indonesia’s 171 million digital eyeballs and businesses. It allows you to grow workloads in the cloud while ensuring that your most sensitive data and applications can remain on private servers. Now, consider NeutraDC when your data-driven business requires a scalable, future-proof platform to facilitate global hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure.

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  • Best-in-class Infrastructure

    Distributed redundant N+1 power and cooling configuration to ensure continuous operations.

  • 24x7 Onsite Security, with Controls

    All locations are secured, with server room access restricted with up to 8 layers of security.

  • Enterprise-grade Certifications

    Achieved Uptime Institute Tier III Design certification (TCCD) to ensure concurrent maintainability with no downtime. Conforms to international operational standards.

  • Best Practice-based Facilities

    Space, power, network, personnel and internal infrastructure are optimised for seamless enterprise computing.

  • Comprehensive Network Connectivity

    Carrier-neutral. Comprehensive connectivity coverage to key providers and major IX (with over 100 members).

  • Future-proof DC Design

    Future-proof design - modular onsite campuses and high power density allows easy scalability.


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